ShopifyCustomized development (site, imitation site) trading process

Jorhey as the best the most professional domestic Shopify website custom development services brand team, dedicated to provide customers with various types of Shopify website custom development services, if you want to nine sea network to provide you with Shopify website omni-directional custom development solutions, please read the following specific order process, so that we can better for you to provide relevant consulting and custom service website.

Shopify customization development process is as follows:

Development needs

Customers need to provide detailed website development requirements document, try to describe clearly in graphic form, and submit to us in the form of documents.

The requirements document should include the following description contents: website type, color matching requirements, desired website layout, website functional requirements, etc

A needs assessment

On the customized development needs of the website provided by the customer, the two sides communicate and discuss, and give reasonable Suggestions after the analysis and evaluation of the rationality and feasibility of the customized development needs of the website, in order to reach a consensus, determine the final customized development needs of the website.

Need to confirm

After the communication and confirmation between the two parties on the website customization development needs, we will give the most preferential and reasonable website customization development price and development cycle according to the specific website final needs.

Pay the deposit

After the website development requirements are confirmed, the client shall pay 50% of all custom development costs as advance payment.

Design and development

After receiving the advance payment, we will design and develop the website first according to the final customized development requirements of the website.

Site test

After the completion of the website development, we will build an online test website for the customer, for the customer’s online test and acceptance, and finally complete all the customized development functions of the website.

Pay the balance

The online demo website is tested and accepted by the customer, and the remaining custom development fee (balance payment) will be paid.

Installation and debugging

After paying balance payment, we will package and deliver relevant website programs, and assist customers to install, debug and build the website in the later stage.At this point, the entire website custom development process is complete.

After-sales service

We provide a year of online humanized after-sales service support for each customer for customization (only for theme customization), to ensure that the customer website is always running in the best state;


1. Reference prices for customized development of different types of websites;

2. For all website customized development services, the client shall prepay 50% of the entire customized development fee as the advance payment, and pay balance payment when the customized development test is completed and delivered;