20 Best Shopify APP You Need to Install of 2021

20 Best Shopify APP You Need to Install of 2021 Best Choice Wheelio Check Price Best Choice Tidio Chat Check Price Best Choice FOMO Check Price Table of Contents The power of Shopify lies not only in its basic features, but also in its powerful shopify APP extension functions. How do you understand it? In … Read more

Shopify Image SEO

When we are doing seo optimization, we should not only focus on website content optimization, code optimization or url optimization, image optimization is also particularly important. And it’s very easy for us non-technical people to do compared to code optimization. Sometimes a good picture is better than a lot of text description, which can avoid boring … Read more

Full List of Shopify SEO Optimization

Today, I will talk about the optimization of Shopify site. I think everyone should pay attention to the design and decoration of Shopify. However, the decoration of Shopify stores is different from the amount of natural traffic they attract. Shopify stores need to get more traffic and obtain it from different ways, such as facebook ads, … Read more