Now, you need to do is that add your penment.

Provide customers with as many payment methods as possible, so they can choose one of them, otherwise it would be a pity to lose customers because of the payment method.

You generally use PayPal and credit CARDS. Use credit card to pay directly through Shopify — no need to set payment method.

Shopify Payment

One of the biggest benefits of Shopify Payment is that it can track all the transactions made in the store.

Shopify payment is not available in all countries and regions, so the PayPal payment can be considered in those regions that cannot be used.

PayPal Payment

In the setting of shopify, click payment providers and choose Paypal for quick payment. All purchases on Shopify are made by default with Paypal for quick payment, and no handling fee is required for payment by credit card.

Credit Cards

For credit cards, if you want to accept payment through a third-party processor, you must select from the list in the “accept credit card” section. If you choose gates to subscribe, you can simply choose payment gateways from the list.

If not, register gates. After filling in all the options and selecting from the list, you can accept credit card payment through gates. To add more payment options, see alternative payment and manual payment for other payment options.

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